Thursday, November 4, 2010

a who and a howl

the other night while trying to get to sleep i heard a sound outside my window. at first i could not place the one note sound that repeated three times. short but to the point. it sounded like an ow... oof... woo. no a... who! who? excited i sat up in bed to extend my ear... concentrating through the dim light i swear it was an owl. it wouldn't be the first time i have heard an owl in the neighbourhood. so i sat still admiring the sound only to realize upon further listening that it was no owl but a neighbours dog! who let's their dog howl well past one in the morning... apparently they do! judging from the depths of the sound i can only imagine the size of their dog. if it's the one i am thinking of let's just say my nickname for that dog is... bear dog! this charcoal was inspired by my first impressions i had the other night.

© copyright artwork by JAQ. charcoal on 11x14 sketch paper

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Anonymous said...

I love owls. One night there was one on my roof hooting.