Wednesday, August 21, 2013

England certainly has come full circle. Thanks to Andy Murray and the birth of the Royal baby.  

Hot weather was plenty! So being seaside on a hot +37 degree day left me sunburnt. Collecting seashells was a novel idea. Had a fabulous ploughman's at the Old Bell pub in Rye. A blue rooster marked the ever changing plinth. Saw the nortorious official portrait of the Duchess of Cambridge up close. Hamleys was an absolute mad house. The castles of choice were Leed's minus the 90's wax figures and the Tower of London which held no prisoners. Shared a bottle of champagne at the Victoria pub with a dear friend. Visiting Highgate Cemetery sent chills up and down my spine. A mini steam train provided a brief mode of transportation. Popped into two tucked away art galleries in Canterbury. Watched the riveting football test match, England vs. Scotland... England won! Savoured a refreshing Pimm's after a long walk in the countryside. The Saatchi/Lawson divorce was over soon after the plane touched down. Royal shocker... Fergie, the Duchess of York, was spotted at Balmoral. And... Anti-Fracking was the word! - jw