Wednesday, March 3, 2010

on one of my nightly walks i came across a cat. at first it did not notice me but then the cat did, and did i ever get the once over from this creature of habit. so i gave it the once over too. so there we both were in the dead of night making eye contact. making sure we stayed out of each others way. with silence all around us. so much was said through a glance and a stare.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

are we there yet

Where did February go? well i guess i was having some fun. March is here and it has brought spring. big blue skies and lots of sunshine. today i enjoyed a bit of ice creme, Maple Walnut. at night i am on a mission of power walking *every* night regardless of what it is like outside. i think all this walking is tiring me out. which does not help my creativity. it may clear my mind but i need a cluttered mind to let my creativity flow. i can't believe it has been awhile since i posted... i will do my best to be here more often. new month... new things to come...