Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Art Walking

Day 1: i am all set up and ready to go! at the Whyte Avenue Art Walk. very hot but keeping hydrated... drinking water and iced coffee. friends stop by. meeting lots of wonderful people. met the young man who bought three of my paintings months ago! sold two paintings!

Day 2: very... very hot today!!! decided to set up on the other side of the street. being beside the pub's patio couldn't be that bad. the patio's speaker blaring the likes of Neil Diamond, U2, and Queen. lots of traffic today on the avenue. sometimes the people have been standing in line waiting to move up or down the sidewalk. saw lots of dogs. more friends stopped by to say hi and see how i was doing.  

i moved my chair over to the other side of the sidewalk under the umbrella i brought to get some relief from the sun. with the steady flow of people i decided to sketch out some ideas. these are them. sold three paintings!   

Day 3: Rain! Rain! and more rain! stood in the rain for seven hours. at times the rain came down so hard i thought the sidewalk was going to overflow and everything would be washed away. my friend Robin had her display to the right of me. we kept each other company and warm with latt├ęs. there were quite a few people out. most people stopped and chatted and admired both of our determination. sold one painting and it was worth it! 

Thanks to everyone, who purchased my pieces and have given them a new home, who stopped by to say hi and chat about my art and poetry, those who inquired about custom pieces and to my family, my kidlets and friends thank you for your support! 

© copyright all photos, artwork, sketches are property of Jacqueline Williams. artwork by Jacqueline Williams. publishing/reproducing prohibited unless with the author's permission.

Monday, July 2, 2012

over the past months i have been gearing up for this years Artwalk. painting many canvases and ceramics. this is one of my most current paintings that will be coming with me. it's not titled, yet. it's bright, bold and ready to hang somewhere other than in my studio. 

© copyright artwork by Jacqueline Williams. 11x14 acrylic on canvas. photo by Jacqueline Williams. publishing prohibited unless with the author's permission.