Wednesday, December 9, 2009

the great escape


it has been about a week since we found our honorary house guest. during this time i managed to shoot this video of the ladybug in action. we still don't have a name for it because the powers that be can not decide if it's a boy or a girl. due to it's recent actions i think it should be called Steve McQueen or Houdini... it escaped!

i found it clinging to a frosty window so i brought it back to it's humble abode. it seemed happy enough but i think it had enough of us. the ladybug escaped again yesterday and is no where to be found. sad but true. we had searched in every possible place but our red winged two black dotted friend has eluded us. it must be inside the house because it certainly would not go outside. it is minus 28 degrees.

so i guess he/she is much happier roaming freely about the cabin. for something that, ironically, brought hope and luck it sure is going to need it. until we meet again...


zoe858 said...

Yeah, Ladybugs like to be free. What did you have her in???? Did you look for her on the ceiling????

sabrina said...

awww, what a bittersweet ending to your brief time together

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JAQ said...

we had a bug habitat. i never thought about the ceiling. now i will forever be looking up.