Thursday, January 20, 2011

Napoleon's war

about a year ago i read my poetry at Greenwoods and my blog post about that reading was titled "Churchill's got my back." the reason... when i got up to read there was a book display and standing there facing toward the audience was a book on Churchill. his face staring out in that famous Churchill stare. so i couldn't help but think as i read that Churchill had my back throughout my reading.

well this past Sunday i read at Greenwoods again and again i read in front of the book display and this time there was a book on Napoleon staring out towards the audience. of coarse i mentioned to the audience how the last time Churchill showed up and now Napoleon and that i am not sure if i am progressing or digressing... which got a round of laughs. my reading went very well. i had a good set filled with three other women. it certainly was a great afternoon. very inspiring and you just never know who might show up!

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That's an awesome post!