Thursday, January 20, 2011

Napoleon's war

about a year ago i read my poetry at Greenwoods and my blog post about that reading was titled "Churchill's got my back." the reason... when i got up to read there was a book display and standing there facing toward the audience was a book on Churchill. his face staring out in that famous Churchill stare. so i couldn't help but think as i read that Churchill had my back throughout my reading.

well this past Sunday i read at Greenwoods again and again i read in front of the book display and this time there was a book on Napoleon staring out towards the audience. of coarse i mentioned to the audience how the last time Churchill showed up and now Napoleon and that i am not sure if i am progressing or digressing... which got a round of laughs. my reading went very well. i had a good set filled with three other women. it certainly was a great afternoon. very inspiring and you just never know who might show up!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

poetry reading

this week i have been gearing up for my poetry reading at Greenwoods Books this Sunday at 2. i'll be sharing the stage with other fellow poets from the Stroll of Poets. it will be great to listen to the other poets and read my current poetry as well. should be a great afternoon!