Monday, March 11, 2013

My Poetry Reading

This weekend I had my poetry reading at Audrey's Books. It went very well and as usual I was grouped with some great Edmonton poets. I really enjoyed the young girl named Tallulah that read her poem during the open mic segment. I also had the chance to read a poem that was written for me by Pearle Pirie. The poem, Address For A Burger Night, was my perk for supporting Ottawa's VERSefest 2013. All she had to reference was my name. If you take the first letter in each line it will spell my name. I also directed her to my two blogs and that was it! I would like to share that poem with you now. Oh! and these flowers were waiting for me at home after the poetry reading. It was a great way to end my afternoon and start my evening!   

Address For A Burger Night

Just this: let's adjust our clean, good plates; 
A great fiefdom, here, in this sup(p)er-race! 

Care about the sonsie kids a' tak your place. 
Quiet tasks: a pinch o' sage, leeks n' oatmeal. 

Ups-end-a-daisy into the turkey. Salt's trace. 
Eensy shake of peppering with sex appeal. 

Lands o' Dixie plates and o' Guinness ragout 
Italicize an absence that we already knew: 

Need a shot o' whisky for this meaty goo. 
Ewok, you grab a bit and we'll make 5 patties. 

While they fry, cock a glass and eyebrow to 

Influential Robbie and let's get chatty. 

Like paint over gesso, all slips to golden. 
Landscape, dish and life all controlled and

Instead of bun, Clone Scones, then frozen 
Amidala Challah and Wookie Cookies! Yum.

Mmm, in Auld Scotland nae were these. Hold em. 
Sip Earl Grey and so, to the night, succumb. 

© A poem by Pearl Pirie commissioned by Jacqueline Williams as her perk for supporting VERSeFest 2013.

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