Monday, July 15, 2013

Artwalk 2013!

Day 1: Batten down the hatches! It was so terribly windy that one of my pieces of art blew straight off the stand and landed on a pair of scissors I was holding in my hand. Call it suicide art. There is no art like impaled art. People were out and about meeting and greeting with all the artists along the Ave. 

This was my neighbouring artist, Christie Sheridan. I just had to add her work to my post. She was absolutely lovely and I could not have had a better buddy artist. Her artwork is expressive and colourful. 

Day 2: Sun, sun and more sun! It was a fantastic day. The sun brought lots of people to the Ave. I was visited by many Artwalkers and friends. Even people that bought my art from previous years stopped by to see what I was up to. I sold a bit which was great! 

Day 3: Rain! With all the Artwalks I have done it has rained at least one of the days. I set up when there was a break from the rain however dark clouds loomed only to finally be cleared away. Sun and blue skies prevailed. Despite the unsettling weather that started off the day many people were out supporting this annual event. I sold a few more pieces which was fantastic. 

For me, this was the best Artwalk! And I can't wait until next year. For everyone who stopped by to chat, talk about art and purchase, Thank you! It was lovely seeing those that purchased my art in previous years. To my fiancĂ©, thank you for being such a dear and checking on me every now and again to make sure I was watered and had a bite to eat. To my friends and family thanks for all your support. Until next year... - JW   


Christie said...

Jacqueline loved reading this post! I am so happy to have been your neighbor too. I think we should plan it that way for next years walk too :) Thank you for including me in your blog!

Jacqueline Williams said...

Yes we should and your welcome! I had such a great Artwalk weekend.