Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Susan Aldworth: The Portrait Anatomised

We kept popping in and out of art galleries on the trip to England. Susan Aldworth's installation, The Portrait Anatomised, I found quite profound. It was tucked away just down the hall from the Duchess of Cambridge's official portrait. In it's own separate little room, baring three walls. All three walls had just about ceiling to floor art pieces. I marvelled at the contrast and the depth of such an installation. When leaving the gallery we stopped by the gift shop, found and purchased the book regarding her installation. It was the last copy they had. Number 237/750.     

It comes with three fold outs and a booklet detailing The Portrait Anatomised. To find out more about Susan Aldworth's The Portrait Anatomised go to the National Portrait Gallery website and search Susan Aldworth or you can click *HERE* . - JW 

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