Friday, January 22, 2010


i have noticed that it has been awhile since i did a blog post. this is not intentional... of coarse, it never is. there have been some things that had to come first. also i have been going through my five note books, that are 200-300 pages each, filtering and reworking ideas. i found this one and gave it some life.


i walked down to the ocean to find my special place. the one by the big rock. bending to my knees i started to silently collect the sand in my hands. allowing the sand to filter through my fingers like a sieve. until my hands and fingers were left with the earthly particles that stuck to my skin. not wanting to let go.

are we all little particles that stick not wanting to let go?

i decided to dig deeper into the sand. my finger nails embedded with the tiny grit and grain. digging like a pirate for the buried treasure. there is none to be had. the tide gently washes to the shore. creeping up to my special place. smoothing out all rough and ripped surfaces. the ocean spills into my footprints. the sand absorbs every drop. my footprints vanish. concealing my existence.

i stare beyond the horizon as the warm breeze combs my hair. brushing my cheek. whispering in my ear. it is easy to remember all the things loved and lost when i am out here. they have found a place beyond the horizon. beyond the sun.

© copyright written on January 21, 2010 by JAQ. publishing prohibited unless with the author's permission. photo by JAQ.


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sabrina said...

Wow, that is a lot of pages. What fun to go back through them and see what you can find... like treasure hunting!

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I like, glad you went through your little black book :-)

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it's been interesting going back and viewing my notebooks.