Monday, May 10, 2010


as of today i am on vacation. i am jetting off to London, England for all things poetry, art, friends and family. it has been awhile since i crossed the pond, 10 years. has it been that long... yes!

as sure as i am that somethings remain the same somethings have probably changed. ten years is a long time. i am well overdue. i have always had a very deep fondness for London or England in general. could it be the history, architecture, high tea, the rain, the fog? most of my families heritage comes from the British Isles. or could it be the two pieces of artwork my parents hung in the living room? i remember as a little girl i was always drawn to these to pictures. one was Big Ben the other of a red coat guard standing outside a building. the two pieces were brown and beige tones done in a watercolour like style behind a thin gold frame. i would stare at them for hours. you know i stared at them so much that when i close my eyes i can see them as clear as day. it is sad because i do not think my parents have them anymore. they will forever remain a childhood memory.

whatever my connection with London is, it is one i can not deny. even though i was born in Canada i feel it is not the place that is in my heart. do not get me wrong... i luv Canada. for everything that it is and everything that it is not! England is my home away from home. i will return within two weeks. full of inspiration.

well... i have a few last minute things to do and a plane to catch! *wink*

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Anonymous said...

My daughter and I both have a desire to see London. Have a wonderful vacation!