Monday, May 31, 2010

some might say...

my two weeks in England have come and gone. the jet lag is slowly on it's way out. i had fun visiting with friends and family. meeting new people. visiting galleries. going for walks along the Thames. riding the tube. blending in with London and London life. just being!

ten years ago the euro was being introduce which lead to the motto "save the pound". now both pound and euro are still standing. upon my arrival it was "down with Brown" and in with Cameron, British Airways threats to strike and they may have. i flew Air Canada, pity, so i wasn't paying to close attention to that story. airport closures, volcanic ash, the Queen opened up Parliament, the 99p wasn't 99p anymore, record breaking temperatures saw me sporting a lovely sunburn, a royal scandal.... ahhhhh yes!

well Big Ben was still standing strong and the chime was more in tune than ever, the TATE Modern is my new luv, charity shops are my favourite for amazing finds, Jamie Oliver's Fifteen was a fabulous delicious dining experience, eating strawberries along the South Bank is my thing, marveling at St. Paul's architecture and Trafalgar Square and the four lions which guard Nelson's Column and house the National Gallery, Brighton ROCKS!!! the tube still hot and overcrowded, over priced admissions and luv those tacky souvenirs. until next time London... xo


Anonymous said...

Great posts!

Marie Z. said...

Great post! I love London. I was there eons ago. I'm an Edmonton blogger as well! I'll be following you : )