Tuesday, June 8, 2010


i tried for the most part of yesterday to do this blog post but blogger was being quite fussy. so i walked away and decided to do something else instead.
i tried sketching in pencil but i get hung up on the fact that you can erase at anytime. it feels like i am constantly erasing not drawing! pen has more flow, more build up for me. plus it is permanent therefore i do not get hung up on erasing.

last week i had the pleasure of meeting in person the lady over at dressmedearly.blogspot.com we had a pleasant chat about beauty products and blogs. when you have a moment swing by her blog. Although i haven't met this lady in person, yet. i say yet because we live in the same province. she too has a fantastic blog. you can find her blog at mariealamode.blogspot.com


Kenia Cris said...

I do love sketches much more than finished works. yours are amazing. =*

Marie Z. said...

Thank you so much! Great sketches. I wish I could draw like you but sadly I'm a lost cause on that end ; )

Anonymous said...

Very nice.
I will check out her blog.

sabrina said...

They look great. I like the feeling of immediacy about them. Nice to know you were sketching away on your trip =)

blank.canvas chronicles

Derek Bourgeois said...

I loves sketches as much as finished pieces.
These have an interesting colour palette too because they're in pen.

Nice work!

maurizio barraco said...

yes fantastic jacq, beatiful moment of drawings, london ...dear jacq