Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Art Walk 2010

DAY ONE: rain
from the moment i got up until it was time for me to pack up and leave. it rained! steady and hard at times. discouraged... yes! because i had strep throat. determined... yes! because i had strep throat.
i sat for seven hours in the rain. met a few artists. one even told me i was brave for setting up under such conditions. well it did say rain or shine. oddly enough people stopped and chatted. asking me about my art and poetry. possibly they felt a little sad that i endured such conditions. still it was nice to have those moments. one guy had a heavy accent, he was from Cornwall and he was telling me all about his adventures in Jasper. he had some pretty interesting tales! one was where he went down a crevasse and i am amazed he is standing there telling me this story! so i guess my cold numb fingers pale in comparison.

this was my view. it was comforting to know that i was not entirely alone. my friend Robin was across the street at her booth. we would wave every now and again and call each other on our cell phones.

DAY TWO: sunburnt
ahhh... the warmth was very comforting after yesterday and so were the people that stopped by my booth. there were lots of people out enjoying the Ave. i met and chatted with so many people. i sold a few pieces. one piece was bought by my friend, local indie director/producer/writer, Ben Babchishin. Ben is currently working on a documentary with Bill Bourne called For the Record featuring... Bill Bourne. i did not realize just how hot it was. i got a wicked sunburn on my left side. i did get some sketching done in-between questions.

here is Ben and the piece that caught his eye! thanks for your support Ben!

one of my tiniest fans. everywhere i go a lady bug follows. good luck i suppose.

DAY THREE: blue skies
my sunburn was making this a painful day for me but i managed. my voice was still in smoky jazz mode but with loads of people on the Ave it was easy to forget these facts. i saw a guy walking a three legged dog and he had a snake around his neck. this was my last day of the Art Walk. more friends dropped by. time flew by and by two in the afternoon i sold some more pieces. i want to thank all who stopped by "my negative space" it was great meeting you. my family who helped me set up and brought me lunch... that i didn't want to eat... sometimes i think eating is an inconvenience. my friends for all their support.

© all photos by JAQ.


Marie Z. said...

We were down on Whyte on Friday but there were only a few booths set up...I'm sorry i missed yours! Looks like you have some beautiful pieces! Too bad the weather was crappy that one day.

P.S. I worked with Ben a loooong time ago on a commercial. Small world ; )

Anonymous said...

not to worry. i was at 106/107th street. it is a small world, indeed! ; )

Anonymous said...

It would have been a very long drive for me from Oklahoma but I wish I could have come. I love art. I bought from a local artist back in the fall and still havent hung it, but I love it.
Hope you feel better.

Anonymous said...

it's quite an amazing festival with over 300 artists. that would be a long drive. perhaps one day. i am feeling better thank you!