Wednesday, July 21, 2010

soldier on...

this was my first year involved in the Art Walk. i was literally thrown into it. i had roughly three weeks to prepare. regardless i just dove right in and went with it. it was fabulous to connect with other artists and chat with all who stopped by. i received some great feedback.

a friend asked me if i was sad to see my pieces go. i said, "no. i think it's bittersweet. yes, i worked hard painting, each and every canvas. each piece has a special place. but i am thrilled they are being enjoyed by others. they are much better with them than me. the pieces are taking on a whole new life."

when asked if i was going to paint on Monday i said "no, i think i will take some time off from painting, instead i will write and monkey around with GarageBand." but in typical JAQ fashion by mid afternoon on Monday i was already tackling a new canvas.

this whole experience has been positive for me and a bit of an achievement as well. looking forward to September where i will be hanging my art at Steeps Tea House in Old Glenora. from there who knows. by then it's fall and the Stroll's Poetry Reading series will have kicked in. Edmonton has such a great arts community!

© photo by Jacqueline Williams. Art in photo by Jacqueline Williams. 

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Kenia Cris said...

I'd love to see your paintings there, it's a pity it rained on your first day. Many artists in my area sell their paintings on sidewalks in stree fairs. But there's nothing modern like you do. =)